Univision TV -

Si Hablo Espanol? No, me either.  But futebol is a big deal in our Spanish community so what better sport to cover in working up to the 2014 World Cup than Bumpball.. Am I right?  Yea we know pro soccer athletes are the elite of the world.  Top physical shape. Can do anything with a soccerball.. But can any of them dominate on the Bumpball field?


goooaaaaaaallllllllll !!!!

Sponsored by ATT Philadelphia Union Professional Soccer

​​Was a fun day and happy to help with any corporate sponshorship opportunites.


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93.3 WMMR 2013 -

Preston & Steve Morning show.

This was a fun little demo game played during Campout for Hunger 2013.  Such a great cause.  We wanted to help out.  Nick and Charlie McDermott suited up and rocked it.. I mean rolled with it.. You know what I mean..

(actually do you, cuz I don't)


Click here Video of this awesome event:

Bumpball's Campout Highlight Reel

WMMR's Bumpball Hight Reel (@ :35 sec mark)

We're getting around..

What'd you expect? Bumpballs are round.

97.5fm -  the Fanatic


Part of their 1st annual Fantasy Fest. 

Good food, good drinking!!!, good fun.

We had a blast, hope everyone there did playing

a few minutes of Bumpball.

NY Red Bulls

Major League Soccer 1/2 time show in New Jersey. Helping to keep the NY Red Bull fans energized.

8 lucky contestants played for a big prize. Click the image to start video.

DC United

Major League Soccer  pre 1/2 time show in Washington, DC. Talon the mascot really wanted to play Bumpball!! Click the image to start the video.  (Ok so I didn't know his name and called him 'bird'. I was  in a panic, what'd you expect! :))

93.3 WMMR 2014 -

Preston & Steve Morning show.

This was another fun little bubble soccer demo game played in Philadelphia during Campout for Hunger 2014 with Professional Soccer player Sébastien Le Toux from the MLS team Philadelpha Union and Sons of Ben.

Philadelphia Union 

MLS Pre game fun - April 2015 (Sunday Funday)

A little something different than we're used to which turned into kids playing last man standing.

Lehigh Valley Live 

"A lot of the bigger cities, they have 21-to-35 (year-old) recreational games," Bethlehem Recreation Coordinator Mark Atkinson said. "We're trying to come up with different types of recreational activities that aren't really the norm."


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the Morning Call 

"Bethlehem's tournament also did not take long to attract attention. ...Though the original plan was to have six teams, by mid-May, he and Atkinson had to cap it at 10 teams."


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Philadelphia Eagles 

Indoor training facility.  Where some of the most elite athletes in the world practice in the off season, in the Winter season, etc.  A unique opportunity for us us and a fun experience for the Eagles staff.

Local "Prime Time" 

TV Celebrity playing a lil Bumpball while mic'd up.

102.9 WMGK 

Was a special event at John Debella's 1st Annual tomato fest where the radio staff took sides to determine whether what is put on pasta should be called 'tomato sauce' or 'gravy'. Click the image to the left to see their page (Bumpball battle 1/2 way down their page)

Philadelphia Eagles Bumpball