How to Play BumpBall (currently you must be 4'2"+ to play)

We have now created 5th generation balls which are super light weight!

Bumpball is indoor soccer taken to a whole new level.   We are the only professionally run bubble soccer company in Pa and New Jersey.  You’ll get an incredible cardio workout via a team sport where you’re strapped in a bubble and can do no wrong.



Things not allowed that will cost you a foul and possible eviction of the game:


~  Intentional contact with shoes to the bubbles

~  Contact with another player with anything other than your bubble

~  Contact with another player when they are facing the opposite direction or while they

are on the ground

~  Only the use of flat rubber soled shoes or no shoes will be permitted

~  Unsportsman like conduct foul will result from the use of profanity during the game

~  Unsportsman like conduct foul will result from an intentional repeat attack of another



Prepare to play: Have long hair tied up and jewelry off.  Sharp objects cannot be worn in the

bubbles.  We will not be responsible for lost items, so please do not wear jewelry to the game.

Also wear flat rubber soled shoes.  Please do not wear cleats.


Players will be responsible for damage to the bubbles if they are found to have caused

intentional damage at any time.












How to Play Double BumpBall

Double Bumpball is a game of trying to score a goal on your opposing team (soccer) with their

colored ball while defending your own goal from the opposting team who is trying to score a

goal on you with your colored ball.  It's a game of madness and mayhem! (no cost extra option)

How to Play Total Darkness Glow Bumpball

On a warmer dark night, when the owls are wooting and sounds of leaves rustling quitely in

the distance can be detected because your senses are heightened - maybe out of fear.. maybe because it's dark...  "What was that? Who's there?" .. you see nothing but the glowing soccer ball and other orbs (Bumpballs),  just like yours glowing all around you..


Ok, ok, so imagine playing Bumpball with a glowing LED in each Bumpball and soccer ball.

You think Bumpball is nuts!?! Wait til you try a game this way!  Oh, and as always, you are encased in 2 feet of air. Even though it's dark, your Bumpball will still save you.. But maybe not from the monsters in the night! - Also available indoors especially during the Winter!

(extra cost add on option)


Sebastien Le Toux - MLS Professional Soccer player for the Philadelphia Union during a live broadcast on 93.3 WMMR

Kid's Bumpball - fun video

Interested in Renting our Equipment?

Local University/Company - want to rent our equipment?  No problem!

We'll bring EVERYTHING you need:

  • SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT Bumpballs!!

  • Referees

  • Line Markers

  • Soccer Balls

  • On time, every time!